Winter lunch recipes (2024)

From a mushroom and ricotta galette to cauliflower soup topped with dumplings, this collection of sweet and savoury recipes go perfectly with a side of winter sun.

Winter lunch recipes (1)

Roast radish and potato salad

Throw some radishes in with your roast potatoes and toss them with a dressing of lemon, butter and thyme for a refreshing take on this classic salad.

Winter lunch recipes (2)

Poached chicken and millet salad with peas and mint

If you find yourself feeling averse to salads in cold weather, try this on for size. Millet cooked pilaf-style adds instant flavour to a medley of greens and poached chicken, while crumbled pistachio nuts bring welcome crunch. Dig in.

Winter lunch recipes (3)

Hungarian paprika-spiced cauliflower soup

Buttery dumplings and crunchy roasted cauliflower add loads of texture to this thick soup that’s perfect for the winter months.

Winter lunch recipes (4)

Potato, leek and thyme tartlets

Forget what you’ve heard about carbs and indulge in a creamy potato tart that gets a tangy hit from sour cream pastry.

Winter lunch recipes (5)

Cuban mojo grilled pork sandwiches

Ham, pork shoulder, mustard, cheese and pickles – this is quite possibly the king of loaded sandwiches.

Winter lunch recipes (6)

Oyster omelette with oyster sauce

Revamp the omelette with chunks of briny oyster and lashings of soy sauce.

Winter lunch recipes (7)

Roasted cauliflower salad with yogurt dressing and almonds

Beat the winter chills with this roasted cauliflower salad that looks like summer on a plate.

Winter lunch recipes (8)

Pickled beetroot and heirloom carrot salad

This salad of lentils and carrot is comforting without being too heavy. Drizzle over some blood-plum vinaigrette for extra oomph.

Winter lunch recipes (9)

Cauliflower, bacon and cheese fritters

If you love cauliflower and cheese, this quirky take is a moreish winter snack you’ll keep coming back to.

Winter lunch recipes (10)

Steak sandwich

Make the most of truffle season with this warm steak sandwich that’s topped with oozy truffled brie.

Winter lunch recipes (11)

Duck and goat’s cheese Pithiviers

Decadence comes in many forms: try these pies that pair the richness of duck with a creamy goat’s cheese.

Winter lunch recipes (12)

Black and white kingfish bowl

It’s all about contrasts in this recipe, from nutty black rice and crunchy veg to tender white fish. A rich miso dressing is the finishing touch.

Winter lunch recipes (13)

Chicken brodo with mushroom and mascarpone tortellini

Chicken brodo with mushroom and mascarpone tortellini

Chicken soup for the soul just got upgraded in this recipe where plump tortellini of mushroom and mascarpone swim in a flavourful chicken broth.

Winter lunch recipes (14)

Four bean salad with roast cauliflower

Four bean salad with roast cauliflower

Combine the crunch of radicchio with the smooth texture of beans for a gorgeous winter salad that’s warm and filling.

Winter lunch recipes (15)

Mushroom and ricotta galette

Mushroom and ricotta galette

Flaky pastry, buttery mushrooms and a medley of cheeses – your weekday lunch just got a whole lot sexier.

Winter lunch recipes (16)

Ultra-green chopped salad

Get in a week’s worth of greens with this emerald salad. Along with broccolini, kale and sprouts, it’s bursting with the fresh flavours of lemon, buttermilk and fresh parsley.

Winter lunch recipes (17)

Rhubarb and raspberry crostata

This jammy tart packs in fresh hits of orange, lemon and ginger for a sweet and spicy treat, perfect with a hot cuppa.

Winter lunch recipes (18)

Roast pork and crushed apple sandwich on stout loaf

Roast pork and tender apples sandwiched between slices of stout and oat bread – this recipe is nothing if not hearty. Double the comfort by adding a glass of stout on the side.

Winter lunch recipes (19)

Pumpkin, gorgonzola and rosemary pie

The buttery pastry in this golden pie gets a tangy hit with the addition of sour cream – the perfect partner for a sweet pumpkin filling.

Winter lunch recipes (20)

Spiced chicken with carrot, chickpea and green chilli salad

Wake up your tastebuds with this meal of roasted chicken and salad. Bright with the flavours of chilli, garam masala, lime and ginger, it’s a simple dish that you can prepare in 30 minutes.

Winter lunch recipes (21)

Quail larb tacos with grilled pineapple salsa

Galangal, fish sauce and palm sugar highlight the smoky flavours of wok-tossed quail and barbecued pineapple in these fun Asian-inspired tacos. Close your eyes and pretend you’re in a tropical location.

Winter lunch recipes (22)

Mushroom and thyme soup with Roquefort croutons

Meaty chunks of mushroom and a piquant dash of blue cheese are the superstars of this comforting winter soup.

Winter lunch recipes (23)

Quince pastelitos

A light dusting of icing sugar sits like snowflakes on top of these fruity quince puffs. It’s a winter wonderland on your plate.

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Winter lunch recipes (2024)
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