Uo Outlands Taming (2024)

1. Animal Taming - UO Outlands Wiki

  • Taming Creatures & Pet Bonding · Tamed Stats and Skills

  • Each creature contains a maximum pool of available points which can be cumulatively earned as skill gain to the totals shown below:

2. Taming Guide to 120 Animal Taming - by Khal Draco *Updated April 8th ...

  • Apr 10, 2019 · ULTIMA ONLINE OUTLANDS. Home · Forums · New posts ... Taming Guide to 120 Animal ... animal lore animal taming guide skill gain skill guide taming.

  • www.tameoutlands.com -Khal

3. Category:Taming - UO Outlands Wiki

  • Aug 31, 2023 · All tameable creatures are listed here as well as information on the various systems involved with the Animal Taming skill.

  • From UO Outlands Wiki

4. www.tameoutlands.com - Tame Outlands

5. Taming Bestiary - UO Outlands Wiki

  • Dec 17, 2023 · The Taming Bestiary is an item which lets tamers earn experience to unlock various upgrades which apply to creatures of the various tamed ...

  • From UO Outlands Wiki

6. PATCH: August 14 – Taming Overhaul and more! - UO Outlands

  • Aug 14, 2023 · PATCH: August 14 – Taming Overhaul and more! · Players will earn Experience towards their Taming Bestiary by killing creatures while using Tamed ...

  • Harvest Aspect Anytime a player receives double Loot/Harvest items while wearing Harvest Aspect Armor, it will now play a visual and sound effect for the player (unless they are Hidden) Factions Wayposts Waypost Control from 0 to 100% should now take 2 minutes to occur (previously was 3 minutes) Omni Boss Lairs Player Factions will now be ignored within Omni Boss Lairs and players may attack

7. Another Taming Guide | ULTIMA ONLINE OUTLANDS

  • Mar 1, 2020 · In this guide I describe that you tame to #2.5 and #7.5 because you can passively gain skill up to 2.5... So you want to tame Blood Apes at 86.5 ...

  • I recently did taming in Febuary 2020 and I want to share what worked for me. I did 50-70 in a day and 5.0 gain every day after. It casually took me 1 week to hit 100 taming. *This guide is still a work in progress that I plan to complete. Version: 0.4 TL-DR 50 -> 60.0 Colossal Frog (New...


  • Dec 27, 2018 · You can get a tanky pet, tell it to follow you (so it doesn't attack back) and tame the creature as it attacks your pet. Also, you only need the ...

  • What are "Passive Taming gains" and how do I use them? For every 0.1 skill you gain from taming creatures, you bank 0.1 passive taming points, to a maximum of 2.5 points banked at one time. You use these gains by killing monsters with your pets. You have a chance to get a gain from anything...

9. Animal Taming Script - UO Outlands Razor Scripts

  • Aug 1, 2023 · Check out the "Animal Taming Script" script by daklue and much more on UORazorscripts.com.

  • Check out the "Animal Taming Script" script by daklue and much more on UORazorscripts.com

10. Tameables List - UO Outlands Wiki

  • Aug 31, 2023 · Tameable Creatures. Name, Location, Slots, Taming, Class, Combat, Hits, MinDmg, MaxDmg, Wrestling, Armor, MagicRst ...

  • From UO Outlands Wiki

11. How do I spend passive skill gains? - Tame Outlands

  • What are passive taming skill gains? · How do I know if I have passive gains to spend? · How do I spend passive skill gains? · Is there a maximum skill gain per ...

  • © COPYRIGHT 2021. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. TAMEOUTLANDS.COM is not affiliated with any external sites, this site was created solely for the community of UO Outlands for entertainment purposes. (Last...

12. Animal Taming Faqs from the Taming Discord Channel

  • Aug 8, 2020 · ULTIMA ONLINE OUTLANDS. Home · Forums · New posts Search forums · What's ... Classic UO AFK Taming Script. docs.google.com. How to AFK Train ...

  • I tried to throw this together quickly this morning because there are a lot of repeat questions that come to the animal taming channel that I think the regular responders wish we did not have answer every day. I will occasionally come back here to update, if you want to add anything, reply to...

13. Siv's Taming Trainer - UO Outlands Razor Scripts

  • Jan 31, 2022 · Check out the "Siv's Taming Trainer" script by Siv. Simplistic alternative to Tame Outlands script. Bypassed using a dagger by performing ...

  • Check out the "Siv's Taming Trainer" script by Siv. Simplistic alternative to Tame Outlands script. Bypassed using a dagger by performing notoriety checks on tame targets. Requires: Veterinary Skill, Bandages, a tank pet.

14. Guide: My Journey to GM Taming and Beyond!

  • Feb 21, 2019 · ULTIMA ONLINE OUTLANDS. Home · Forums · New posts ... Pacify him with your sweet rendition of We Are The Champions played entirely on a lute and ...

  • My Journey to GM Taming and Beyond! First thing, this is a guide on how I got to GM taming. This probably isn't the most efficient path, and you may find that some things work better for your playstyle, but that's the beauty of this game, you can do it your way. I went for the path of least...

Uo Outlands Taming (2024)


What are the requirements for taming in UO? ›

The Tamed Creature's Minimum Taming Requirement must be within 5 skill points of the Tamer's current skill level. Relative Strength of your pet is based on the following: Armor. Maximum Hitpoints.

What is the rarest pet in taming io? ›

The Goldfish is a very rare animal that appears only once a year, and for a limited time. It is the emblematic animal of Taming. io's April Fools' Day. It takes on the appearance of a round fish when it is only a baby, and when it grows into an adult.

Can you get banned from taming io? ›

Sharing your account is not allowed and your account could be banned forever for this. By playing Taming.io, you have agreed to the terms of use, which state that you may lose your account if you break this rule.

What is the best pet in Conan Exiles? ›

For exotic pets the giant snake, yeti, or frost giant work well. All pets are outclassed by even mediocre thralls though.

Can you tame a dragon conan? ›

Dragons: Tame using the armored pen. Feed brimstone for small and shadespiced brimstone (added recipe for firebowl) for larger dragon. You need 25 brimstone or 10 shadespiced. Either gives a 50/50 chance at a red or green dragon.

What is the fastest pet in taming io? ›

The Unicorn has the skill rainbow dash, which is the second greatest dashing ability in the game being able to reach 450% of your base speed, while the fastest is Lynx with 500%.

How do you unlock Dragon taming io? ›

You can find the Dragon by killing a boss.

How do you tame easily in taming io? ›

A helpful pet can be obtained by taming a baby animal. Approach it while it is sleeping and press the paw button to tame it. If you're lucky, it will become your pet. Each animal has a different chance of being tamed, which can be improved by using a slingshot or an appletor.

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