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Shirts for both men and women come with exotic designs. They usually have an opened front, which is mostly secured closed with either a set of buttons or rarely, a zipper. You are at liberty to either leave some of the buttons opened or close them all at once.

Despite his apparent freedom of how you can wear your shirt, there are still standard fashion etiquettes with regards to their correct uses, whether formally or casually. But can you wear a button-up shirt open?

In fact, it is a lot easier to wear a shirt button-up open than otherwise. However, you should know that doing so changes the look of the shirt instantly. (Read Also:Why Do Soccer Players Wear Long Sleeves?)

In case you do not like to leave the shirt open, you can get a similar look by just buttoning up 1 to 2 buttons, thereby leaving the rest of the buttons undone. If you wish to update your short-sleeve button-down, it is indeed a very good decision to make.

You can do so, especially if the top 2 buttons from the neck upwards are opened. In another alternative, the entire shirt can be opened only if you are wearing a t-shirt beneath it.

It is also regarded as socially unethical to wear an open shirt that reveals your body in public for both sexes and age categories.

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What do you wear under an open shirt?

Since shirts are very commonly used clothes anywhere across all gender and ages, it becomes highly imperative that you know the proper or standard ways to use them, especially the open shirts and their styles.

The first thing is to wear a bra or any bustier top underneath, which will make a great combination of lingerie and a ready-to-wear look. There are also many ladies who like to leave 1 or 2 buttons unbuttoned and tuck their shirts in pencil skirts or suit trousers while at work. (Read Also:Can I Wear A 3Piece Suit Without The Vest?Find Out Now)

What do you wear under a button-up shirt?

There are lots of undergarments you can wear under a button-up shirt. However, a crew neck is the best of the lot and also the most common undershirt available too. It is simply the best to choose for any formal occasion when you are wearing a fully buttoned shirt and a tie.

Tank TO undershirts or vests is sleeveless vest undershirts generally made from ribbed materials, which are usually worn for privacy rather than for anything else.

Can I unbutton my shirt?

Of course, you can unbutton your shirt, particularly if it is a forward point collar type and its wings have buttons, which should be unbuttoned as well. You can also loosen these laws if you feel like it and if you have a conducive working environment too.

Why do men unbutton their shirts?

Men commonly unbutton their shirts for different reasons. They could unbutton their shirts due to any discomfort with something around their necks, or a tight collar, or when they are simply hot or warm. Leaving the collar and first button open will effectively keep the shirt collar cooler.

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Why do I look bad in button-up shirts?

It is very easy to look bad in a button-up shirt, particularly if you do not wear it the way you ought to. For example, you are advised to use a camisole beneath your button-up shirt.

Doing this will guard against any onlooker from getting a glimpse at your bra if you turn around even slightly to one side. Otherwise, it will definitely make you look bad.

Should you unbutton the top button?

If wearing an unbuttoned top button makes you feel both relaxed and look fine, yes you can do so. In fact, wearing your shirt with the top button unbuttoned is a perfect way of wearing your shirt with casual wear.

However, in using casual outfits, such as a suit and a tie, you should do the upper buttons at least.

Should you wear a shirt under a button-up shirt?

Certainly, you can wear any shirt of your choice under a button-up shirt. It is commonly worn with a casual shirt or even a dress shirt over an undershirt. (Read Also: Is It Okay To Wear A Short Sleeve Shirt With A Suit?Find Out)

An undershirt absorbs your sweat and if you have nothing on but just the undershirt, then obviously all your sweat will show on the outside, a situation that is most likely not acceptable to you or anybody else either.

In short, if you question it, it is probably better to put on something else or cover your undershirt with something on top of it.

Also, you ought to remember that when wearing a T-shirt under a shirt, it should always be invisible. You can even cut off the shirt’s neck just so that it does not interfere with your shirt collar. Furthermore, always button your shirt or go for a V-neck, T-shirt, or even a vest, which would not be seen.

How do you wear a button-up shirt casually?

In reality, you can rock the two-tone casually. This may be wearing short sleeves either tucked in or even untucked, which actually depends on the length of the shirt.

If the shirt hits around mid-fly, that is a good length to wear untucked. Also, button-up shirts have extra buttons so that you can fasten the collar and keep it in place. (Read Also: Can I Wear A White Dress Shirt Without An Undershirt?Find Out Now)

A button-down is also a button-up, but a button-up suit is not necessarily a button-down. A button-up shirt is called a dress shirt, button shirt, button-front, button-front shirt, or even a button-up shirt. A button-up shirt is a garment with a collar and a full-length opening in front, fastened with either buttons or shirt studs.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do you fit an oversized button-up shirt?

If your button-up shirt tends to be somewhat oversized, there are canny ways you can effectively mask the excessive size from the public glare almost totally.

(1). You can use a military truck to enable you to tighten the excess fabric or even to create a slimmer appearance.

(2). Another effective measure is to roll up its sleeves just so as to trim any overlong or loose-fitting fabric.

(3). You can also open up the first two buttons for a more casual look. This can also make a loose-fitting shirt appear much less disheveled.

An oversized tee is so wide and square that it can fall loosely over a pair of skinny jeans. The secret here is to contrast what you are wearing down below in order to show off the size of the top. The lighter the fabric, the more relaxed it fits and takes on a more basic approach to oversizing. (Read Also: Can I Wear Short Sleeves In Winter?Find Out Now)

Should men wear short-sleeve button-up shirts?

Definitely, men can wear short-sleeve button-up shirts, especially when they are worn correctly- untucked and without a tie.

This can be great casual summer wear too. Whenever you are wearing a short-sleeve button-down, you will also want breathable linen or cotton fabric to help keep the heat at bay. Stock up on options that have a tailored feel to the sleeves.

What goes well with a button-up shirt?

There are several kinds of dressings that go very well with a button-up shirt. Some of these are:

(1). Tie it into a crop top.

(2). You should choose to go oversize and also accessories too.

(3). Or you can layer it under a summer dress as well.

(4). Just let it hang off your shoulders if you want.

(5). You can equally pair it with a pantsuit too.

(6). Another way is to give it a high fashionable upgrade.

(7). You may also choose to play with the shape in order to give it an edge too.

(8). Finally, you can leave it open and belt it, if you don’t mind.

What pants do you wear with a button-up shirt?

Some of the pants you can wear with button-up shirts are fitted jeans, which make great options. Ensure that the jeans look tailored to your body. It should be so slim and fitted that it will pair well with a dress shirt much more than with any loose-fitting jeans. (Read Also: Can I Wear A White Dress Shirt Without An Undershirt?Find Out Now)

How do men wear short-sleeve button-up shirts?

The following tips will surely guide you adequately on how men wear short sleeve button up shirts:

(1). Do not wear any shirt that is too long on the body and also in its sleeves.

(2). Always make sure that you keep the correct hem balance.

(3). You should know that short sleeve shirts are best worn untucked or casually tucked. This obviously means that you don’t want the shirt hem to fall too low or even too short, but just to hit the right length around the midpoint, between your waist and crotch.

How many buttons should I undo?

Well, for what it is worth, if you are going tieless, you can undo just the top buttons, which will definitely look uptight, but not very relaxed.

Can you wear a shirt buttoned up all the way?

Yes, you can, and it will make you look and feel more relaxed than ever. In addition, it works very perfectly with any casual outfit. However, in a formal outfit, such as a tie and suit, you would of course always have to do the top buttons. (Read Also: Can You Wear Short Sleeves In 70-Degree Weather?Find Out Now)

What are some of the ways to wear simple button-down shirts?

There are many effective ways that men can wear simple button-down shirts with marvelous results. Among these options, you are bound to find at least one which will suit you just fine.

Most commonly, you can wear your button-down shirts with any of summer dresses, pantsuits, leaving it open with a belt, and so on. Other ways that men improvise are also very cute indeed. Just choose that which appeals to you.

Can I wear A Button Up Shirt Open – Conclusion

Button up shirts, button-down shirts, short sleeves, or long sleeves shirts are all marvelous formal or casual wear. However, if you must get the best out of any of them, it will be wiser to adhere strictly to what is the norm or trend in your office or community.

In any case, whatever is deemed as an accepted dressing code where you are, it will not be difficult for you to imbibe it with great satisfaction. That’s one of the benefits of shirts.

Can I wear A Button Up Shirt Open?Find Out Now - Topsfever (2024)


Can you wear button-up shirts unbuttoned? ›

It's generally accepted to leave the top button undone - but this is not always the case. Some people will open up all their buttons for a particularly laid-back look - although obviously with a t-shirt underneath.

Can you wear an unbuttoned shirt in public? ›

Yes, of course you can wear your shirt totally unbuttoned in casual situations. The key word here is casual.

Should button-up shirts be washed unbuttoned? ›

How To Wash A Dress Shirt: Take time to ensure the shirt is entirely unbuttoned. Any buttons remaining clasped will lead to excessive pulling when in wash and will damage the shirt. Turn the dress shirt inside out as this will help with removing deodorant and perspiration stains from the underarm.

Can I wear an open shirt? ›

If you are not wearing a tie, you can leave the top button open, but if you are wearing a tie, etiquette dictates that the top button of your shirt should be closed. This gives a professional look and shows respect! In your spare time, you can leave the top or even the second button of your shirt undone.

What are the rules for button shirts? ›

A polo button up shirt typically has two to three buttons on the placket, leading up to the collar. Traditionally, you can leave one button undone for a more casual look. For a neater or formal appearance, you may choose to button all of them. However, it's generally advised not to leave all buttons undone.

Why do people unbutton their shirt? ›

It can provide some modestly and allow your dress shirt to lay smoother and/or can also protect your dress shirt from body perspiration/odor. As far as having a tie on and unbuttoning the top bottom, usually it's a matter of comfort.

Is it OK to not wear an undershirt? ›

It's certainly fine not to wear an undershirt – it's really a matter of personal preference. There are definitely some drawbacks of not wearing one, though. If you run hot, you might sweat directly into your clothes, which can cause some odor or sweat stains.

Are untucked shirts still in style? ›

While the vast majority of dress shirts are manufactured to be worn tucked in, recent trends dictate a more casual approach, resorting to lightweight layering and going untucked instead. Choosing between a traditional dress shirt and its untucked counterpart is as much a matter of personal taste, as it is suitability.

How long should an unbuttoned shirt be? ›

But take care not to go too short! This is a very common mistake. A good rule of thumb is that an untucked shirt should come to the middle of the butt. Another good rule of thumb is that the front bottom shirt tail should end midway down the fly of your pants.

Should I wash pants inside out? ›

Helps prevent color fading. Washing your clothes inside out allows the inside of your garments to take the brunt of agitation and color fading that occurs during a wash cycle. This helps to protect the outside dye of your shirt or pants by reducing friction and contact while still ensuring a thorough wash.

Should I wash my pants buttoned or unbuttoned? ›

Unlike zippers, garments with buttons should be left open before bouncing around in your machine. They're more delicate, so leaving buttons undone will put less stress on the threads and help them last longer.

How often should you wash button up shirts? ›

How often should dress shirts be washed? Dress shirts can be washed as regularly as you wash your other clothes. To prevent skin irritation, experts recommend washing your dress shirts before you wear them the first time and after an event.

How do you style an open button shirt? ›

Button-down shirts can be styled in a variety of ways. For Sethi, there are three timeless ways to style a button-down shirt: pairing it with jeans, wearing a white fitted T-shirt underneath and keeping it unbuttoned. For a more business casual look, you can easily rock a pair of loafers with a blazer.

What is the difference between a button-down and a button-up? ›

The main difference between a button-down and a button-up shirt is the collar. A button-down shirt has small buttons on the collar to keep it in place, while a button-up shirt has no buttons on the collar. Button-down shirts are more casual and button-up shirts are typically dressier.

Is an open button-down business casual? ›

Button-up (shirts with no collar buttons and stiffer collars) and button-down (buttons fasten the collar to the shirt) can both be used for business casual. It's more about how they look on you than their style.

Should you hang shirts buttoned or unbuttoned? ›

Shirts should always be buttoned on a hanger, says Johnson. Buttoning the shirt will "help keep it from wrinkling and distorting, and it will also prevent the [garment] from falling off the hanger." Button the shirt after hanging it, though, to prevent stretching the collar.

Are button up shirts supposed to be tight? ›

The best dress shirts fit comfortably around the chest, under the armpits, and across the upper back, giving you a full range of motion. A fitted shirt will feel snug, but not too tight. Your chest should "fill out" the shirt in a way where your body is discernible under the fabric.

Should the top or bottom button be unbuttoned? ›

The top button is optional and can be buttoned up or left undone. The bottom button, again, should never be buttoned, as it will put a strain on the fabric of the suit jacket and will not look flattering. Simply undo all your buttons when sitting for maximum comfort.

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