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Hmm, how to style a basic t-shirt? If you think a plain tee can’t be fashionable, you’re wrong. Keep reading for some t-shirt style inspiration.

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The majority of women keep at least five basic t-shirts stashed away in the back of their closet. Unfortunately, fashionistas often criticize t-shirts as being boring or sloppy.

Yes, basic t-shirts are simple pieces that can be worn at the gym, at home, or as pajamas. They may not turn heads on the street, but they have a low-key vibe that is waiting to be embraced with the perfect accessories and clothing.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading for styling ideas, and you’ll discover how versatile those “plain” t-shirts can be.

How to Style a Basic T-shirt

Basic t-shirts don’t draw much attention on their own, but with the right style ideas, they can become everything you need. There are several ways to turn an average t-shirt into an essential element of a classy, stylish outfit, and here are five of them:

1. Wear It With a Blazer

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Blazers are wardrobe essentials that are more adaptable than almost any other piece of apparel. They look fantastic with more formal attire like buttoned-up shirts, but they also look great with casual pieces of clothing.

When it comes to creating a casual, yet put-together appearance, the blazer and t-shirt style is one of the traditional favorites. When the comfort of a t-shirt meets the dressier look of a blazer, the outcome is pure fashion brilliance.

Here are some aspects to consider when wearing a t-shirt and blazer combo:

  • The pattern and fit

Buy the t-shirt and blazer in a slim fit to emphasize your body structure. It is preferable to stick to standard crew-neck tees with simple designs and no logos.

  • The colors

We advise you not to go for very bright colors. You can keep the color of the t-shirt or blazer bright, but not both at the same time. Combining two vivid colors takes away from the simple, classy image you are trying to achieve.

  • The length

The length of your blazer is also important in determining its style. If it is too long, you’ll look like a child trying on her mother’s blazer, while one that is too short will make you look like you have outgrown your old clothing.

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So, yes, you can totally rock your favorite solid-colored tee with a blazer. All you have to do is pay attention to the length, pattern, and color. You can also add a few eye-catching accessories, like a classy bag, a floppy hat, or a pair of stylish glasses.

2. Accessorize With Fashionable Jewelry

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Statement jewelry can enhance the overall look of your simple t-shirt outfit. One of the most common issues with basic t-shirts is that they seem too plain to wear somewhere other than the grocery store. Sometimes, all it takes a fashionable necklace to transform a simple tee into something suitable for a coffee shop date or lunch with friends.

Just remember to consider your neckline when selecting statement jewelry to pair with your classic t-shirt. Layer a long chunky pendant necklace over a low V-neck, or try a shorter, floral statement necklace that sits over the neckline of your scoop-necked shirt.

3. Combine it With a Matching Set

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You have a cool patriotic t-shirt or a crop top, but you don’t know what to combine it with?

If you’re all about matching pieces, pairing a patriotic crop top with a complementing blazer and a skirt, pants, or shorts is definitely a significant fashion trend.

Matching outfits is more than just a fashion statement. You’ll feel fabulous and classy wearing an ensemble that expertly combines diverse components.

Two-piece matching sets have been a popular trend in recent years. From prints to basic neutral tones, the convenience of a pre-coordinated design is unrivaled. Having a matching set in your wardrobe takes care of half of the effort when you don’t feel like going out because you don’t have the energy or creativity to put together a whole outfit. All you need is a basic tee, and you’re set to take on the day.

4. Wear it With a Long Pleated Skirt

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Another adorable way to style a basic t-shirt? Wear it with a long pleated skirt, and you’ll look stunning!

For a casual, yet classy look, pair a white tee with a pleated skirt. White t-shirts are a must-have, since they go with everything. You can’t go wrong with this tee and pleated skirt combination.

And, because white is neutral, you can choose a pleated skirt in any color.

5. Wear it With Simple Jeans, High Heels, and a Leather Jacket

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Last but not least, there’s the classic jacket-jeans-t-shirt combination. It’s the most simple look you can think of, but it’s a style mainstay in any woman’s closet. Blue jeans and a white t-shirt may be considered off-duty attire, but for a more classy look, combine it with high heels, a leather jacket, and a stylish bag, and you have something that’s classic, and even elegant. Because, let’s admit it: a lady in heels, regardless of her outfit, appears 10 times more attractive, mature, and sexier.


A simple t-shirt allows you to be both comfy and fashionable. And, don’t worry that a t-shirt is boring. A plain tee can appear anything but basic with the right balance of accessories. Experiment a little, and you’ll find with that your “basic” tees can be part of a variety of stylish outfits.

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5 Classy Ways To Style A Basic T-shirt | MomsWhoSave.com (2024)


How do you make a plain shirt look good? ›

5 Ways to Dress Up a T-Shirt for Day Looks
  1. Throw on a blazer. If you can wear a T-shirt to work, dress it up by putting a blazer over it. ...
  2. Pair with a skirt. ...
  3. Wear a button-down over your T-shirt. ...
  4. Tuck into your shorts. ...
  5. Play with colors and patterns.
Feb 24, 2022

What do you wear with a simple t-shirt? ›

A basic tee works well with jeans, untucked, and resting on the hips like shorts. You can tuck in your t-shirt with your jeans if you are layering a jumper and don't want the t-shirt to hang below the jumper, but for most outfits, keep it untucked.

How do you make a normal Tshirt cute? ›

If the sleeves of your shirt are too big or bothersome, consider cutting them to turn the shirt into a tank top. Simply cut along the armhole seams of each sleeve. The further down the sides you cut, the wider the arm holes will be. Consider cutting out the neckline seam as well for a more distressed and slouchy look.

How do you spice up a plain shirt? ›

Accessories can spice up your basic t-shirt in many ways. One of them is by adding a belt to cinch your waistline and create a more flattering silhouette. If you want to spice up your look, try layering necklaces and jewelry. You can also try a wide-brimmed hat or a scarf for a bohemian or vintage vibe.

How to look rich in t-shirt? ›

Rich men tend to wear t-shirts that are solid colors, with no logos or writing on the front. The clothes you wear should be plain with minimal branding or other writing on them. Looking expensive is not about the price tag of your clothes or accessories, but about how you put them together.

How do you style plain tops? ›

10 unique ways to style a white plain t shirt
  1. 1) Tucked into a high-waisted skirt. ...
  2. 2) Layered under a jumpsuit. ...
  3. 3) Knotting at the waist. ...
  4. 4) Worn with statement pants. ...
  5. 5) Tucked into a printed midi skirt. ...
  6. 6) Worn under a sweater. ...
  7. 7) Paired with a blazer. ...
  8. 8) Worn with a maxi skirt.
Jan 7, 2023

What to wear with a T-shirt ladies? ›

Cotton t-shirts are a wardrobe essential for every woman. Their versatility makes them suitable for any season or occasion, with different weights and blends available to suit your preferences. Dress them up with trousers or a skirt, or dress them down with joggers or leggings for a more casual look.

How do you make a baggy Tshirt cute? ›

There are a few ways that you can make a baggy shirt look cute. One way is to wear it off the shoulder so that it shows a little bit of skin. Another way is to tie it in a knot at the front or back to give it some shape. You could also wear it with a pair of high waisted shorts or a skirt to show off your figure.

How do I look classy in clothes? ›

  1. Classic styles win over trendy items.
  2. Drape in luxury fabrics like cashmere, satin or silk.
  3. Good accessories are important. Sunglasses, watches, handbags, scarves.
  4. Age-appropriate dressing will add to your elegance.

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