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Lately, I get asked more often if I can share low FODMAP vegetarian or vegan recipes with you and of course I want that! On Karlijn’s Kitchen, I have already shared quite some vegetarian recipes and today I want to share the most popular recipes with you!

I personally have been focussing on eating meat less often since a year or two. I like the taste of meat and fish, but I noticed that it, after seeing several documentaries, such as Our Planet and Cowspiracy, didn’t feel right anymore to eat as many animal products as I used to eat.

Now that I know how big the impact of consuming these products is on our planet, I cannot close my eyes for that any longer.

I haven’t completely stopped with eating animal products because the low FODMAP diet itself is already quite limited and I don’t feel good about limiting myself even more.

I don’t tolerate soy products such as tempeh or tofu that well either and I want to be able to vary what I eat enough.

I also simply like the flavour of meat and fish now and that’s why I decided that I still want to eat it now and then.

I eat vegetarian or vegan about 4-5 days per week and on 2-3 days, I still have some meat and fish. Like this, it works for me!

But even if you want to eat fully vegetarian or vegan, this is still possible on the low FODMAP diet.

You just have to be a bit more creative and it is always good to work with a health professional in the beginning, to make sure that you get all the nutrients you need.

I have written a handy blog about low FODMAP vegan and vegetarian protein sources, which is handy to check out if you are looking for ways to incorporate more protein in your diet.

The low FODMAP vegetarian recipes

So, I have talked enough now. Time to share the recipes with you!

1. Low FODMAP falafel with millet

If you are talking about typical vegetarian dishes, falafel comes up into my mind immediately. I love falafel! Because chickpeas are only limited low FODMAP and falafel often contains onion and garlic, it is hard to have in a restaurant or buy in the supermarket.

I made my own falafel, to which I added millet next to chickpeas. Because of this, you can have six falafels as a low FODMAP serving. Delicious in a gluten-free pitta bread or in a salad!

2. Pumpkin lentil salad

This salad is perfect for autumn when the pumpkin season starts, but it is also great when the weather starts to get a little warmer in spring. It is a yummy recipe to make for lunch or to serve as a side dish for dinner.

3. Low FODMAP shakshuka

Shakshuka is a delicious Middle Eastern dish where you fry eggs in tomato sauce with usually some bell peppers and onions. I used bell peppers and the green parts of spring onion to replace the onion. Perfect as a savoury breakfast, for lunch or even for dinner.

4. Mexican casserole with pumpkin

This is the most popular low FODMAP vegetarian recipe on my blog! The Mexican casserole with pumpkin. It actually is a kind of lasagna, where I use corn tortilla instead of lasagna noodles. Delicious comfort food!

5. Low FODMAP mushroom burger

This mushroom burger is one of my sisters favourite meals in a popular Dutch lunch place. She kept telling me how great that burger tasted and because I am crazy about mushrooms, I wanted to try it too.

Of course, the burger in the restaurant was not low FODMAP, so I made my own. I know that it doesn’t look too tasty on the picture, but believe me, this burger is SO good!

6. Sweet potato muffins

These savoury muffins with sweet potato and grated cheese are great bring with you on the go. For breakfast, lunch or as a snack. With only 5 ingredients they are super simple to make!

7. Low FODMAP hummus

A loved vegetarian and vegan spread or dip for many! Because chickpeas are only limited low FODMAP, you cannot eat too much of it at once.

But 40 gram of this hummus is a low FODMAP serving. Enough to spread on two rice cakes or slices of bread or to dip some veggies in as a snack!

8. Tortilla soup

This recipe is one of my personal favourite low FODMAP vegetarian recipes. While tortillas soup might sound a bit weird, this soup actually has all the ingredients that you often put on a tortilla: tomatoes, corn, olives and sour cream.

With the soup I serve homemade tortilla chips. It is a delicious and filling soup!

9. The best gluten-free pizza ever

A few years ago, I made this delicious pizza! With my favourite vegetarian pizza topping: pizza funghi with canned mushrooms (because those are low FODMAP) and mozzarella.

10. Risotto with spinach pesto

When I put this risotto on the blog, I thought that it wouldn’t be a succes because the risotto doesn’t look so tasty on the pictures.

You clearly thought differently about that because it has been in the top 20 recipes from Karlijn’s Kitchen for a few years now!

11. Raspberry brie salad

A perfect summer salad! The raspberries make it a beautiful fresh and colourful salad. The combination of the salty cheese and the sweet raspberries is wonderful.

12. Low FODMAP spicy tomato soup

This soup is very popular in the Netherlands, where we call it Chinese tomato soup.

I shared this homemade version a while ago and it tastes exactly like how I remember the flavour of Chinese tomato soup. Nice and spicy!

13. Homemade vegetarian and vegan minced meat

Because the offer of low FODMAP meat replacements is so limited in the supermarkets, I made my own vegetarian minced meat from walnuts and lentils. Great to put in a pasta in your tacos, as I do in this recipe.

14. Low FODMAP enchiladas

Some time ago, I shared a recipe for low FODMAP enchiladas made with corn tortillas and Quorn vegetarian mince. A delicious Mexican dish!

15. Brie frittata

Frittatas are quick and simple and you can eat it for almost every meal of the day.

This brie frittata makes a great savoury breakfast, can be taken with you on the go for lunch or you can serve several slices of frittata for dinner. With a salad on the side for example.

16. Clear mushroom soup

I made this mushroom soup to eat as a pick me up during the day. I love to bring this soup to work, I warm it up in the microwave there and then eat it with my lunch or as a snack.

20 low FODMAP vegetarian recipes - Karlijn's Kitchen (17)

17. Fried gnocchi with pesto

This is a perfect “I-don’t-feel-like-cooking” meal. You literally put this meal on the table in 15-20 minutes and it tastes great, with a super simple low FODMAP and vegetarian pesto.

18. Stuffed eight-ball zucchinis with rice and bell pepper

Don’t eight-ball zucchinis look too cute?! I stuffed these eight-ball zucchinis with rice, bell pepper and feta and it is so yummy.

Zucchinis are only low FODMAP up to 65 g per serving, so this recipe is only suitable for people who have already tested zucchini and tolerate a bit more.

19. Low FODMAP taco bowl

I am a huge fan of bowl recipes. It turns every dish into instant comfort food and it is just super simple. In this recipe, I put all my favourite ingredients for in a taco together with rice in a bowl and that makes a super yummy meal.

20. Vegetarian lasagna with spinach and tomato sauce

A delicious vegetarian lasagna with spinach, tomato sauce, creme fraiche and mozzarella. The lactose-free creme fraiche was my simple replacement for bechamel sauce.

It gives the same effect, a super creamy lasagna, but you don’t have to make your own bechamel sauce. Win win!

That were my low FODMAP vegetarian recipes! All yummy recipes that fit very well into a low FODMAP and vegetarian diet. What is your favourite low FODMAP vegetarian recipe?

Together we go for a calm belly!

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20 low FODMAP vegetarian recipes - Karlijn's Kitchen (2024)
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